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Service and Repair

We service all brands of sewing machines and sergers. Give yours the care it deserves by having it cleaned and serviced annually. Our competitive rates are as follows:

– Clean/Oil/Adjust sewing machines and sergers – $89 to $109 (depending on the type of machine)
Featherweight Basic Service – $69
Featherweight Advanced Service – $169
– Additional Labor – $60/hour (one hour minimum charge)

We offer a 90 day service warranty. This applies only to issues that were addressed during the original service/repair.

When you bring your machine in for service or repairs, please include:

– Foot pedal and power cord
– All-purpose foot (one with zig-zag capability)
– Bobbin case and bobbin
– You do not need to bring your embroidery unit unless you’re having issues with it
All other accessories should be left at home.

You may drop your machine off anytime we are open. If you’d like to check on turnaround time before bringing your machine in please call us at 970-565-7541.

Same Day Service by Appointment for Out-of-Town Customers

– Same day service by appointment only. Please call 970-565-7541.
– We will take one machine per day for same day service.
– Machines must be at the shop by 9:15 a.m. and will be ready by 1:00 p.m.
– Same day service is for machines that need routine service (clean/oil/adjust).
– A clean/oil/adjust often solves minor issues such as tension or stitch quality problems.
– If a machine needs advanced repairs or parts need to be ordered we will need to keep it longer than one day.

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting  

You’re happily sewing along and then all of a sudden your machine starts giving you trouble. Here are a few things to try before bringing your machine in for service.

1. If it’s an electronic or computerized machine turn it off and turn it back on.

2. Re-thread the machine, both top and bottom. Take the bobbin out of the case to make sure it’s in correctly when you do this.

3. Put in a new needle and make sure the one you’re using is appropriate for the fabric and thread you’re working with. Make sure your needle is all the way in and not in backwards.

4. Check to make sure you are using the right presser foot and stitch plate for the task at hand.

5. Check to see if your feed dogs are in the proper position.

6. Check to see that your machine plugs are all in properly and that the machine is plugged in securely.

If none of this works, give us a call or bring your machine in for service. Very often a good clean/oil/adjust will solve the problem.

Other Hints and Tips

1. Do a simple home cleaning and oil your machine regularly. Take the stitch plate off and remove dust and lint using a soft brush or Q-tip. Don’t use a pipe cleaner and never blow into your machine or use canned air.

2. When unthreading your machine, clip at the top and then pull the thread out from the bottom (the direction it normally goes when you sew).

3. Let your feed dogs do their job. Don’t push or pull on fabric as you sew.

4. Use good quality thread at all times.

Q20 Oiling Instructions

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Updated 9mm Hook Oiling Instructions