March 23, 2020 - In This Issue

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  Farmington, Quilted Corners, temporarily closed.

- How To Contact Us

- Masks Desperately Needed Now - See new info

- Gowns Are Now Desperately Needed

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  New Info Below - Slight Delay While We Get Masks/Gowns Coordinated




Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 5:00


At this time, we prefer taking orders by phone, with curbside or local delivery.
We will also schedule an appointment with you.
~ Limited walk-in service available

We are so thankful for your business, now more than ever!

Obviously, this could change quickly. Feel free to call ahead to double check.

We will also keep Facebook updated, along with our website: cortezquiltcompany.com



Currently Closed For Business

We will be back as soon as possible!


Masks are desperately needed in the Farmington area also. See below for further mask information. 

We do have elastic arriving various times over the next couple of weeks. We are not sure as of yet if we will be able to deliver some down there due to New Mexico's shelter-in-place order. We will keep you posted.

Farmington Mask Contact: Alberta Chappell at [email protected].




By phone: 970-565-7541

[email protected]
[email protected]



As you have heard, there is a huge demand for face masks as supply is quickly running out. Local Health Departments, Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes, etc... are needed both in the Cortez and Farmington areas. We are more than willing to be a drop-off for any masks that you sew, and we will make sure they are distributed. Please call to schedule when you will be here. Farmington area: contact Alberta Chappell at: [email protected].





This pattern has been verified to use by healthcare professionals in both Montezuma County and San Juan County New Mexico.

Look here for the mask pattern, along with video instruction. Doctors were involved in the construction of this mask, and a pocket has been added for a filter that healthcare professionals will add in. Many thanks go out to Canyonland Quilts of Moab Utah for sharing your pattern with us to use!



Look HERE for a second pattern option that is less complicated to make. Thank you to the Button Counter for a great pattern!

Please read important guidelines below - this list has been added to.



Elastic is already difficult to find due to demand. We will have & elastic cording coming in.
It currently looks like elastic is delayed until this Wednesday, with cording arriving hopefully Friday or early next week.

You can make fabric ties in the meantime! Some healthcare professionals prefer the ties.


Mask Guidelines:

~ For these masks, it is extremely important to use high quality, dense-woven fabric. Batiks work wonderfully, because they are a tight weave.
A lot of cottons that are purchased from big box stores are too thin, not tightly-woven, and therefore not the best for a mask.

~ Two layers of batiks should be used. Flannel is too loose of a weave against one layer of cotton.

Be sure to wash fabric in hot water before assembling your mask to allow for shrinkage that can occur.

~ Denim, duck cloth, canvas and such can also be used.

~Polyesters or other less breathable fabrics do not work for masks, due to the moisture produced with breathing.

~ Elastic needs to be in good shape, with plenty of stretch and an appropriate size to fit over the ears. 1/16" round cord, or 1/8" braided elastic work best.

~ If elastic is not available, fabric ties can be sewn on the mask. Four ties are needed (one tie on each of the four corners). Ties should be approximately 1/4 inch width, with no frayed edges, and long enough to be tied into a bow on the top of the head (for the top corners and behind the head for the bottom covers).

~ Extra wide double bias tape can be used. You can purchase this, or make your own.

~ Non-coordinating fabrics, thread, binding strips are fine... but a well sewn mask with no frayed edges, missed seams , or holes is important.



Montezuma County is also desperately asking for gowns that healthcare workers can throw on over their scrubs. I am not sure if the Farmington area is needing these as well. (Please contact Alberta if interested).

These gowns are perfect to use up your stash. They can be made from any type of cotton, muslin, sheets, etc...

Look HERE for a free gown pattern. Thanks to Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs for sharing her pattern!

These are needed ASAP as well!




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Look here next week for new group pages where you will be able to share what you are working on, and be able to chat with all your quilting friends.




We will be starting these this Thursday! We apologize for the delay.... our time has gone to the mask/gown projects. Thank you for your patience!

We have plans to conduct Facebook Live sales every day at 11:00 am where we will be featuring new fabric collections or bundles. You'll definitely want to tune in to these Facebook Live sessions to see the newest and latest fabrics! The bundles and kits for these collections will be very limited, so if you see one you want, you will want to place your order quickly.


For those of you who are already going through class withdrawals, we have a strategy to keep you learning, connected, and entertained. We will be posting videos for several free classes online that you may watch at your leisure. We will also schedule some paid classes online, that participants will be given a link to for more advanced instruction. The list of these classes will be emailed to you in the near future.


We also need a couple of extra days to prepare for the following:

Watch for a daily email starting Thursday, March 26th - Saturday, March 28th.
We plan to bring you special offers and plenty of things to look forward to each day.
Just be sure to remember to check your email each day, as that day's specials will only apply on that particular day.

We can't wait, and hope this celebration will be an encouragement to all of us!


As always, thank you for supporting Cortez Quilt Company


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